Vibro Plate 3D
Vibro Plate 3D
Vibro Plate 3D
Vibro Plate 3D
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Vibro Plate 3D

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The device, depending on the needs, can be an element diversifying training or constitute an independent exercise. When exercising on a vibrating platform, more than 95% of the body's muscles are involved, mainly the abdomen, glutes, legs and thighs. Training on a vibration-emitting platform stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, as well as elastin fibres, as a result of which the skin is visibly rejuvenated and toned. Using the vibration platform is also an extremely effective way to fight cellulite and extra kilograms.

Anyone can start training on the platform, regardless of their level of training. The P500 platform has 5 built-in training programs that respond to the needs of both beginners and advanced users. With 99 speed levels, you can raise the bar and increase vibration speed from training to training. The large usable area makes training on the platform comfortable also for people with larger feet. The positioning of the legs on the platform is crucial in terms of training intensity. Placing the legs close together makes the platform move in a manner that simulates a gait, a little stride will give you a feeling like jogging, while the wide spacing of the legs makes the P500 simulate a sprint.


The platform has a colour and touchscreen that informs about the currently selected training program and allows you to modify training settings such as speed or time. The key to success is regularity, so try to use the platform for at least a few minutes a day, the manual mode will be helpful, allowing you to personalize the exercises in terms of their duration. To make the training on the platform a whole-body workout, with the P500 you will get resistance bands with contoured grips that will allow you to train your arm muscles as well.

The structure of the platform made of durable materials allows people weighing up to 180 kg to exercise on the P500. The surface of the platform is non-slip, which increases the safety of training.

Benefits of exercising on a vibrating platform:

increased collagen production in the skin
cellulite reduction
fat burning
strengthening the muscles of the entire body
improving the functioning of the osteoarticular system
improvement of blood supply to joints
pain reduction
increased flexibility of joints, ligaments and tendons
improving blood circulation

Technical data:

rated voltage: 220-240 VAC 100-120 VAC
rated power: 200W
rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
vibration amplitude: 1-2.8 cm
built-in speakers


P500 Black vibration platform
resistance bands


clear, colour display with a touch function
99 speed levels
5 training programs
3 levels of intensity
legs in the middle of the platform - walk
a small distance between the feet - jogging
wide feet spacing - sprint

Dimensions and weight:

dimensions (length / width / height): 53 x 31 x 12 cm
training surface dimensions (length / width): 46 x 27 cm
maximum user weight: 180 kg
platform weight: 9.5 kg
dispatch time 5-10 working days 
comes with Eu plug