Inflatable Jacuzzi " Maldives"
Inflatable Jacuzzi " Maldives"
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Inflatable Jacuzzi " Maldives"

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Bestway Maldives inflatable jacuzzi for 7 people
Jacuzzi Lay-Z-Spa Maldives is a Bestway offer. It is designed for 5-7 people, thanks to which it will ensure blissful relaxation for everyone.
There is nothing better than to be able to run a hot tub after a hard, long day and indulge in blissful laziness and relaxation.
The spa has been equipped with the Aqua Glow LED lighting system, changing colours, providing even more unique experience. Maldives
will give you extra comfort with 2 inflatable loungers (one on each side) and an extra seat in the middle. All of them have special fixings to
the ground to prevent the loungers and the seat from lifting.
The Maldives inflatable hot tub pool is relaxing for the whole family! Thanks to its large surface (internal 151cm), it can easily
accommodate 5-7 people, which is why it is ideal for couples and families. A comfortable inflatable jacuzzi will ensure blissful relaxation
for you and your friends.
Massage system: 8 HydroJet Pro ™ nozzles and 180 AirJet ™ nozzles
Relax in the soothing AirJet ™ and HydroJet Pro ™ massage systems. The spa is equipped with a system of 8 adjustable water jets and 180
air jets, which means the interaction of warm water with soothing massage and bubble pleasure. A relaxing massage system consisting of
soothing air jets will ensure blissful relaxation. Forget about stress, thanks to the bubbles, you can relax your aching back, massage your
muscles or just give yourself a moment of rest.
40 ° C Rapid heating system
The pump includes a quick heating system that heats the water to 40 ° C. Thanks to the latest integrated technology, you can heat the hot
tub, activate the massage system and filter the water at the same time using the pump itself.
Lay-Z-Spa Maldives Jacuzzi functions
 Soothing massage system with 8 HydroJet Pro ™ jets and 180 AirJet ™ jets
 Quick water heating system up to 40 ° C
 Heating and gurgling work together for a comfortable massage
 Digital pump control with an additional control panel, without leaving the water
 The jacuzzi can be placed anywhere on a flat surface
 The ultra-strong DuraPlus wall system provides excellent stability that can retain its shape no matter how many times the spa is
refilled or emptied
 Capacity: 5-7 adults
 Water capacity (80%): 1050 L (277 gallons)
 Size of the inflatable pool 201 x 80 cm
 Internal size: 151 cm
 Weight when filled: 1118 kg
 Weight of the empty pool 68.8 kg
 Actual water flow: 1325 L / h
 Heating system: approx. 1.0-1.5 ℃ / h
 Max. heat output: 40 ℃ (104 ℉)
 Integrated water filtration system
 Colour of the outer sheathing: dark brown
 Energy saving system: automatic timer to control the heating system
 Integrated water filtering system
 Soft, insulated floor with a convenient drain valve
 2 handles for easy carrying the empty pool
 Reinforced lid with fasteners and built-in air chamber for insulation
 Maldives inflates quickly and comfortably with the help of the spa pump
 Energy saving system: Automatic heating system controlled by start / stop
 Secondary exhaust system deflates the spa faster when the user is ready for spa storage
 Digitally controlled pump with a soft-touch control panel
 The pump is supplied with a residual current device - there is no rated residual current above 10mA
 Aqua Glow LED lighting system changes colours, providing even more unique experiences
 Maldives has unique seats for extra comfort thanks to 2 inflatable loungers (one on each side) and an additional seat in the centre

Set contains:
 Digitally controlled heat pump with an integrated filtration and air flow system
 Outdoor Leatheroid inflatable tub with soft, padded floor
 Cover made of a special material, fastened with clips
 ChemConnect ™ swimming pool chemicals dispense

 Additional exhaust nipple to speed up the discharge of air during preparation for storage
 Filter cartridge (VI)
 Led lights
 AirJet ™ and HydroJet ™ nozzle system
 2 inflatable loungers that can be fixed to the bottom
 Repair patch
The Bestway inflatable jacuzzi can be set up anywhere with a flat surface, at home, on the terrace or in the garden. Its cushioned floor,
inflatable walls and durable vertical beams provide excellent stability of the structure and comfort while resting. The cover is covered with
an artificial layer and an inflatable cover provides additional protection and additional insulation.


Dispatch time 5-10 working days.

 Comes with EU plug.