Gas BBQ Landmann 2.0
Gas BBQ Landmann 2.0
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Gas BBQ Landmann 2.0

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 Gas grill 7 kW
 Cover
Landmann gas grill 7 kW
The Landmann -TRITON 2.0 2-burner gas grill is not only a convenient way to prepare meals under the open sky, but also a guarantee of
their delicious taste. A solid structure made of varnished and stainless steel is very easy to use, and additional technologies help in the
perfect preparation of grill dishes.
Product features:
 Trolley on wheels
 Grill dimensions: 123 x 121.5 x 57 cm
 Weight: 41 kg
 Power: 7 kW (2x3.5kW)
 Grilling area: 48 x 44 cm
 2 independent burners (2 x 3.5 kW)
 Burner material: stainless steel
 2 grids
 Cast iron grill grate
 Additional enamelled grate for heating food
 2 foldable side shelves
 Lower lockable cabinet with a socket for a gas cylinder
 System for collecting the melting fat with a removable and emptied container
 Thermometer in the lid
 4 swivel castors
 Connection hose
 Pressure reducer
 Landmann gas grill 2.0 Triton 12902
 Cover by Landmann brand
The Landmann Triton 12902 gas grill with the innovative PTS system is made of painted sheet steel and polished stainless steel. It will be
perfect for up to 8 people. Since the fuel is gas, no smoke or harmful chemical compounds from firelighters are emitted during the
preparation of food.
The device has a double-walled cover, a cast iron grill grate and a power of 7 kW provided by 2 independent burners.
The grill is ignited using the central electric igniter button for all burners. The equipment has a practical system for collecting the melting fat
with an emptied container, as well as a thermometer in the cover and a closed bottom cabinet for a gas cylinder. In use, such elements as a
temperature gauge, pressure reducer and the attached hose are helpful. Thanks to four swivel wheels, you can freely move the device.

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